• Can I pick and choose from list – Some products have dropdown menus and you can choose the variations or add-ons available for that product
  • Can I order by phone – Yes our number is 01923 883163
  • Can I choose white or brown bread – No
  • Can I choose what type of milk I have – No
  • Do you do smaller bags – At this time we cannot offer a smaller bag, You can split the bag contents with a neighbor and we can email you a process on how to do this safely within social distancing guidelines
  • I am in self isolation – Not a problem, our safe delivery service has got you covered
  • Can I Pay by Cash – No not at this time due to it being a health risk to our customers and staff
  • Can I order more than one box– Yes
  • Will the contents of the boxes change from week to week. Yes we change a number of products weekly to give some variety and we may also swap products in and out if we are not happy with the quality provided by our suppliers to ensure you get the best quality available to us